We provide wide range of quality IT services

Reaction vessel

We manufacture a spectrum of high end reactors that caters to the requirement of various industries. It is available with and without jacket or with limpet coil to enhance the efficiency. It has shaft sealing by way of stuffing box or it is sealed with mechanical seal. The reactors are provided with suitable impeller that is used for mixing solid-liquid and liquid-liquid. The capacity of this equipment range between 0.5 KL to 30 KL, which can be custom-made as per the client's specification
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We provide a range of agitators that are used for stirring, agitating and beating of a variety of liquids, emulsions, suspensions and similar mixtures. Fabricated using premium quality raw material, these find application in food, chemical, paper and pulp industries. Known for superior quality, these agitators are also available in customized specifications.
Sigma Mixer
PVC High Speed Mixer

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Fast and Effective Blending: The Ribbons are arranged that when rotated it reaches each and every corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole of the materials to be mixed. At the same time material is moved from side of the trough to the centre and from the centre of the trough to the sides, resulting in quick and fast homogenizing of the product.
Ribbon Blend mixer

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Heat Exchangers

We manufacture the top class and carefully constructed heat exchangers. Our heat exchangers are specially designed for the efficient transfer of heat from one fluid to another fluid over solid surface. The product finds primary application in cooling systems.Heat Exchangers • Electrochemical polishing of inner surface • It is made of imported stainless steel pipe. MOC (Material of Construction): 300 Grade Steel, Nickel and Nickel Copper Alloys, SA516Gr70 and Carbon Steel
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Storage Tanks

Cylindrical Horizontal Tanks with Dish ends are used for specific process reasons. They are mounted on either concrete or metal saddles. These type of tanks are also used in plants which have height restrictions.Most Common Cylindrical, Vertical with Flat bottom and Conical top Tanks are used for bulk storage of chemicals as they are economical, occupy minimum floor space and require only plain RCC platform with sand / bitumen surfacing for mounting.
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Bogie Wheel

The capacities are huge, equipped with latest welding, machining and grinding technology. TNS delivers excellent quality critical products with highest level of accuracy. This made many OEM'S to use TNS'S facilities to get their products manufactured.

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Rotary Air Seal

TNS can manufacture heavy engineering products up to 300 tonnes a month and 18 tonne single piece of 15 meter length/width and 6 meter in diameter.

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Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors of up to 10 m length and 2.5 M dia, are made with high accuracy .

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Gear Box Casing

WFabricated gear box Housing up to 15 T Single Piece , with high accuracy are made by bm.

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Kiln Shell

The kiln shell is composed of rolling steel into a circular shape then welding the seam.The overall kiln is sized based off many proccess conditions. By these process specifications diameter and length are determined.

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Separator Rotor

BM is involved in heavy fabrication and machining items such as Separator Rotors, Kiln Shells, Kiln Support Rollers, Guide Rollers, etc. Utmost care is taken during fabrication and machinig to maintain very high standards. Needless to say that all the requisite tests are carried out at every stage of manufacturing.

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